—  Worlds of endless possibilities —

I used to keep a philosophical diary in which I'd list my various musings and what appeared to me to be the main developments in my life. From time to time I'd write the heading 'INVENTORY'.

And under it I would list the main developments which in fact tended to be what I considered to be personal achievements, such as books published and steps reached in my working career and to ensure that it was philosophical I wrote down what appeared to be any significant concepts grasped.

I stopped writing it many years ago in the middle of a personal and family crisis which appeared to make my philosophical diary an object of both vanity and practical irrelevance.

That crisis passed but at its turning point I experienced a Damascene moment, fittingly on a roadway on a beautiful morning as I drove to meet my wife at a train station.

In that moment I learned a single lesson which I have practised every day for nearly twenty five years since.

It was to celebrate each day. Not to live a day at a time, which is not quite the same, but to both celebrate each day on its own and to anticipate other good days still to come.

This first simple concept can be described as a 'celebration of life'. But the future which it embraces can be described as 'potentiality'.

In the way I make my meanings, I am aware of a perceived or experienced universe - that is Planet Earth in which we live and the mind-boggling cosmos beyond and surrounding us.

But I am also aware of a hidden state within or giving rise to the manifested or projected perceived and experienced universe, the over 90% of the 'universe', which the physicists are aware is there but cannot be seen. I call this, together with the perceived universe, Creation, because it is also a great process.

Since my Damascene moment, one of the major changes in how I make my meanings was the development of my awareness, as distinct from my mere consciousness. Through my, hopefully enhanced, awareness I have been drawn to considering and contemplating Creation, especially in its hidden or as yet un-manifested state, together with the beautiful Earth, which I celebrate daily.

I must add that my celebration of life has not blinded me to the reality of evil, injustice, dishonesty and human suffering. Indeed I fear my fellow humans more than I could ever fear dangerous nature or threats from an apparently uncaring Cosmos.

While I sense that there are wonderful elements within Creation, such as beauty, justice and truth, I have become aware of one of its most incredible and dominant attributes - potentiality.

Fifty years ago I experienced what appeared to be at the time my greatest achievement, which was the publication of my first literary novel. A philosophical adventure story.

At the crux of this adventure story as the hero experiences both a physical and a philosophical deliverance, my hand wrote the line 'worlds of endless possibilities'.

I say my hand rather than my mind because it seems to have been an intuitive idea that was not constructed by logic or intellect. It took me over 40 years to understand it.

And the word 'understand' is inadequate in this context, because the potentiality that can conjure up worlds of endless possibilities is as much felt within one's very being as it is constructed in the intellect.

If you can imagine, however briefly, in a flash of intuition say, even the gateway, the portal, the steps - leading into a better world, if you can feel the leap of your heart as the first glimpse is allowed, you will never be the same again.


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