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This web site is about a subject that many, if not most, young and middle-aged people may not want to consider and many older people may lack the faculties or energy to consider it. Some may even view such a subject as an oxymoron. It is about potentiality in old age.

Were this writer 35 or 55, the reader could be justified in consigning what follows to the trash bin, but the writer is 83 and has over 50 years of published book-writing and journalism behind him. This gives no guarantee of literary or philosophical quality, but does offer some evidence that dementia may not yet have taken hold.

All ages are welcome to read and comment, but those 'over a certain age' are particularly welcome, especially if they also are aware of potentiality or have even speculated about it or dreamt of it. Or have an open mind that would embrace it should it emerge.


How can there be potentiality in old age? After all, it is the end of life, the time of retirement, probably poorer health, diminished physical and mental attributes, home care and possibly nursing home, literally the last act.

But pulsating with potentiality are the universe and that which underlies or contains the perceived and experienced universe, which I call Creation, because it is also a process.

The relevance of this for individuals of any age, but particularly those who are old, can be understood through what may be our greatest human faculty - our awareness, which goes beyond, or is an enhanced state of, our consciousness and which can be experienced at a number of levels. The great 20th century French Canadian philosopher, J S Bois, created the concept of epistemics which can help us to study and experience our awareness.

It is through our enhanced awareness that we connect with and are open to potentiality.

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Written and edited from Ireland by retired writer/journalist, Brian Rothery.

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